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Please note: we are currently booked out until June and will then be closing our books until September 2022 due to a change in family circumstances.


We look forward to being able to assist you - please send us an email and we will make contact as soon as we are able. 



Foremost, the team at Utopian Design would like to acknowledge and offer our heartfelt support to all the residents of our region...the loss that each person has experienced, no matter the degree, is something that should no be taken lightly. Supporting each other through the next 12 months (and beyond) is vital to the recovery of our beautiful region.


In February of 2022, the Northern Rivers area of NSW was devasted by flooding unlike anything the region has been before. Terms like a 'once in 500 year flood' (and even 3500 years) were brandish by the media...but what does that mean?


Let's be doesn't mean the flood will only occur once in a 500 year period - but that there is a 1 in 500 chance of this rain event happening in a given year, or a 0.2% chance.

So whilst the chances are low, there is now irrefutable scientific data supporting the notion that climate change is going to continue to produce unpredictable weather patterns.

What does that mean for those of us who want to keep living here? The increased chance of major flooding is likely to continue, presenting heightened risk to both property and life. But the lure of this beautiful part of the world - the majestic forests, pristine beaches and casual lifestyle, make it hard to imagine living anywhere else.


In the coming months, as we all move past the initial clean-ups, grief and feelings of helplessness, it is going to be crucial to look at your existing property and how it was impacted during recent floods. Making changes and adapting is how as a community we can develop greater flood resilience. 

For our business- our priority for the next 12 months is to work with flood impacted residents and businesses - looking at ways we can assist you to lessen the impact of future flood events:

-raising your dwelling above the Design Flood Level

-advising on materials/claddings that can handle inundation and lessen the ongoing 'replacement' costs

-looking at your property and discussing debris mitigation strategies

-putting clients in touch with experienced consultants who will ensure you get the right advice

For our family - in the aftermath of experiencing flooding in our family home during the 2017 floods, we made the decision to raise the house in late 2021, never thinking we would experience major flooding anytime soon... the cost we spent fixing things after 2017 was on par with what we spent raising the house. So our home was safe but we still hadn't developed a clear flood plan and found ourselves knee deep, with no clear course of action.


We understand what people's home and community mean to them - so for the immediate future we are redirecting our business to ensure we are available to help guide impacted families to through the process of rebuilding. 

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