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The team at Tweed Coast Planning Consultants have joined forces with Utopian Design to provide affordable planning advice to ensure your project gets DA Consent with minimum fuss. We have been working in conjuction with local councils Australia wide - so we have the expertise to ensure your project adheres to all relevant state legislations and building code requirements. We can assist with all the following, ensuring a streamline project and a reduced need for external consultants

General planning advice and guidance

-Attendance at Council pre-lodgement meetings

-Development Application preparation

​-Applications to modify a consent (Section 96 applications)

-Requests to review a decision (Section 82A review)

Reports and Documents

-Statement of Environmental Effects

-Statement of Heritage Impact

-Environmental Impact Statements

-Waste Management Plans

-BASIX Certificates

-Bushfire Assessment

-Responses to council for further information

-Objection Letters and responses

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